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The Mentoring programme is a year-long commitment which provides ladies with the opportunity to purposefully journey together in their friendships. They meet regularly with a personal mentor, a prayer partner and a wider group of ladies for fun, relationship-building and spiritual input. Each year concludes with a special banquet where the ladies can share personal testimonies and celebrate God’s goodness.

“Ladies mentoring was such an amazing year of growth.  Reflecting back over the year that I spent walking with my mentor and reading the Word I can see how God has done such an incredible work in me, lining me up with Him and to His Word.  At first, God totally shook the foundations of my faith.  In January we started to read the Word on a daily basis in chronological order.  The Old Testament was tough for me!!  I felt as though I was not reading about the God of my understanding.  Was this really the same God as in the New Testament?  I went through a huge amount of questioning.  Throughout this time I spoke to different people about the questions that were being raised in me, taking on board their answers but knowing that I had to digest this information myself and see what my heart and the Holy Spirit was telling me.  I really wrestled!!  I also spent some time away from the church and the people I was walking with in a bid to search for the truth.  What did I find?  I found that I was no longer the person that I used to be before Jesus was in my life.  I tried to act the same, think the same and live life without Jesus; but I couldn’t.  Jesus was in me and as a result of this I have changed.  The changes I began to notice were so strong that sin was no longer easy and if I did sin God broke my heart.  This is where the foundations of my belief in the Bible being the word of God came from.  I came from a person where sin was massive in my life to a person that could sin if she wanted to but the Holy Spirit convicted me of it to the point that I knew my life had changed forever.

As a result of ladies mentoring I know with all my heart that the Bible is the word of God.  My heart is fixed that, because of this, I want to live my life in accordance to it.”

Claire Boucher, 2010

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