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Jubilee Training Centre Kids Club 2017

Kids Club 2017: What a week!

We ensured that the children had a packed week full of fun and adventure. The children experienced a range of different games and activities; launching rockets into the sky, creating chocolate asteroids, paper mache, dramas and wild games!

We had just under 50 children each day, with a higher percentage of these children being from the community than Jubilee families. Given this, it was a fantastic opportunity to introduce kingdom principles into each of their lives. Principles such as a team work, working hard, dreaming big, and forgiveness were central to the week’s activities and lessons.

The coffee shop was highly successful, providing parents with a peaceful space to enjoy free coffee and cake, and conversation with other parents. It was described by guests as “welcoming and well stocked”, “warming and a great atmosphere”. One of the mums even said “the best way to start the day, bit of coffee and cake”. The team were able to build relationships with the parents as we spent time with them in the coffee shop, resulting in one mum coming along to Jubilee on a Sunday morning. Another expressed an interest in bringing her child along to ‘Pod’ on a Sunday morning so they could receive the same level of input every week.

The Prize Giving Ceremony, in which each child is given a prize, is held on the Saturday. All of the parents and children are invited along to the Jubilee Auditorium. It was exciting to see parents from all round Maidstone coming into a church building and hearing about the heart behind the Kids Club week. Children were awarded bikes, nerf guns, dolls, and books. One child went home with a trampoline!

A massive well done to all the students for their hard work, and a huge thank you to all the volunteers and Jubilee family for their prayers!

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