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Finding the Radical Middle

Going too fast, or indeed too slow, can produce undesirable results. When I’m slow putting the rubbish into the bins outside, the consequences are a thick ear from the wife! When we run too fast from one activity to another and not in step with Gods rhythms of grace, we can easily grow weary.

Certainly, I have been through seasons like that. God has been realigning both the body of Jubilee in general and myself as an individual. In fact, Claire and I are in a sabbatical season from certain ministry activity. We are still actively involved with the eldership, JPS and other churches, but it’s been an amazing time of taking a step back and realigning our hearts and minds to the Father.

Personally, I have found the last 18 months extremely tough in ministry life. There are far too many details to write here, but so much of the vision and mission that we have built upon over the last few years at one point felt like it was falling apart. Yet, I have come to see that’s not the truth.

Jesus has been doing what He promised in His word in John 15. He has been pruning all areas of Jubilee and all areas of my life, not to thwart our productivity, but to make us more fruitful. It’s easy in a tough season to ‘pendulum swing’ from over activity to no activity, from confidence to confusion and from forging ahead to feeling aimless. Jesus warned me of this early on in 2016. I have spent the last few months letting God bring His radical middle back into my life and I love how He’s bringing it back to Jubilee. Yes, there has been hurt. Yes, we have made mistakes. But Jesus is Lord and He has made Himself known amongst us.

Jubilee has an incredible mandate from God to work with and bless other churches, to impact the local community, to disciple believers and to see the lost come to know Jesus. I want to encourage you all in this season to find the radical middle. Let Jesus heal and restore the areas He wants to, but believe He still has a plan and purpose for you and for Jubilee as a body.

Dan Maudhub

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