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Word Studies

The heart of Jubilee Word Studies is to create a fun, friendly and relaxed environment in which you can drop into one book each month in a creative and interactive way. Our heart is to make Bible study exciting and a fun-filled adventure! We focus on observing what has been written in order to enable you to understand and effectively apply principles from the Bible into your daily life. Perhaps the most important part of each week is the time spent together in small groups, facilitated by a group leader, reading and sharing questions and observations about the text.

The manual you receive at the start of the course has basic information about the background to the Bible and the important basic principles for Bible study. Each week you will receive teaching from various lecturers as well as take part in fun and practical activities relating to each book which help to bring it to life. At various times over the academic year, we visit the British Museum to see evidence spoken of throughout the Bible.

Birthed out of ‘School of the Word’, each course is ‘stand alone’ and is a good introduction for those new to Bible study or unable to do the in-depth, full time course. It runs one evening a week every second month. At the end of each course we celebrate over a meal and a mini graduation.

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