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COTN Leadershift Conference in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 tells us ‘There is an appointed time for everything.’

Time is such a funny thing – it can ‘go quickly’, or ‘go slowly’; it can be ‘wasted’, or ‘spent wisely’; time can ‘fly by’, or time can ‘drag.’

Dan and Claire Maudhub, Hazel and I, had the privilege of being sent by Jubilee Church as their representatives at the CotN Leadershift Conference, the gathering for Southern Hemisphere church leaders who are part of the Church of the Nations family of churches. Our time in South Africa, although just over a week, was hugely productive, of great benefit and, quite literally, flew by. A breakdown of the highlights of the trip can be viewed as a series of times.

Time with the Apostolic Council: As an eldership we are committed to building relationship with the Apostolic Council members (Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald, Dave and Carol Cape, John and Jayne Scholtz, Ken and Ann Turner, Louis and Edna Els, Keith and Shelley du Plessis). We also extend invitations to many of the CotN church leaders when they pass through the UK, where possible. We came back enriched, encouraged and full of the things of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Time with Koinonia team: Jan and Marianne brought their entire eldership team to the conference, together with Cyle and Tash, and Wila. Considering the history we have walked together as Koinonia and Jubilee churches, our time together at the conference was precious and full of laughter and purpose.

Time at the Conference: Each session was ‘doubled up’, giving us two speakers for the price of one. This allowed us to hear a variety of leaders from CotN with in-season messag

es of encouragement. Click here to view each of the excellent sessions.

Time with AC: At the end of the conference the four of us enjoyed the further privilege of joining the Apostolic Council Forum where each of the AC couples invite a number of their ‘sons and daughters’ who are operating in church leadership. The most striking aspect for me, apart from the encouragement of leaders going through similar situations, was seeing how the members of the Apostolic Council deferred to one another. Some of the leaders still walk together after a period of 30 or 40 years. In all, the trip was a time of encouragement, a time of envisioning and seeing the bigger picture, but above all a time with friends, journeying together with shared values and a common purpose. Time well spent. Thanks again for sending us.

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