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What are Cell Groups?

At Jubilee we believe it is important for the church to operate on three levels; locally (in the Community); together as one body (in Celebration); and as a small family unit (in Cell).  None of these levels is more important than the other, but each one must be working well for the church to be healthy.

The basic principles of church in Community, Celebration and Cell can be found in Acts chapter 2:42-47, resulting in the growth and multiplication of those who honour Jesus.

Cell groups, also known as home groups, life groups and small groups, are the basic family unit of the church. They are where trusting friendships can be developed and people of all walks, ages and backgrounds can grow and experience life together. The idea is for the groups to meet more than on a weekly basis, as the heart of church is family and experiencing life together.

Cell groups are usually led by a pair of leaders and have between five and 10 members.  As the primary place of accountability, pastoral care and commitment, being part of Jubilee Church means being part of a cell group.  Any living cell grows, multiplying to provide growth for the body.  The cells within Jubilee are expected to grow, multiplying to form new cells and increasing impact within local communities in the town.

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