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Jubilee Training Centre Kids Club 2017

Kids Club 2017: What a week!

We ensured that the children had a packed week full of fun and adventure. The children experienced a range of different games and activities; launching rockets into the sky, creating chocolate asteroids, paper mache, dramas and wild games!

We had just under 50 children each day, with a higher percentage of these children being from the community than Jubilee families. Given this, it was a fantastic opportunity to introduce kingdom principles into each of their lives. Principles such as a team work, working hard, dreaming big, and forgiveness were central to the week’s activities and lessons.

The coffee shop was highly successful, providing parents with a peaceful space to enjoy free coffee and cake, and conversation with other parents. It was described by guests as “welcoming and well stocked”, “warming and a great atmosphere”. One of the mums even said “the best way to start the day, bit of coffee and cake”. The team were able to build relationships with the parents as we spent time with them in the coffee shop, resulting in one mum coming along to Jubilee on a Sunday morning. Another expressed an interest in bringing her child along to ‘Pod’ on a Sunday morning so they could receive the same level of input every week.

The Prize Giving Ceremony, in which each child is given a prize, is held on the Saturday. All of the parents and children are invited along to the Jubilee Auditorium. It was exciting to see parents from all round Maidstone coming into a church building and hearing about the heart behind the Kids Club week. Children were awarded bikes, nerf guns, dolls, and books. One child went home with a trampoline!

A massive well done to all the students for their hard work, and a huge thank you to all the volunteers and Jubilee family for their prayers!

Finding the Radical Middle

Finding the Radical Middle

Going too fast, or indeed too slow, can produce undesirable results. When I’m slow putting the rubbish into the bins outside, the consequences are a thick ear from the wife! When we run too fast from one activity to another and not in step with Gods rhythms of grace, we can easily grow weary.

Certainly, I have been through seasons like that. God has been realigning both the body of Jubilee in general and myself as an individual. In fact, Claire and I are in a sabbatical season from certain ministry activity. We are still actively involved with the eldership, JPS and other churches, but it’s been an amazing time of taking a step back and realigning our hearts and minds to the Father.

Personally, I have found the last 18 months extremely tough in ministry life. There are far too many details to write here, but so much of the vision and mission that we have built upon over the last few years at one point felt like it was falling apart. Yet, I have come to see that’s not the truth.

Jesus has been doing what He promised in His word in John 15. He has been pruning all areas of Jubilee and all areas of my life, not to thwart our productivity, but to make us more fruitful. It’s easy in a tough season to ‘pendulum swing’ from over activity to no activity, from confidence to confusion and from forging ahead to feeling aimless. Jesus warned me of this early on in 2016. I have spent the last few months letting God bring His radical middle back into my life and I love how He’s bringing it back to Jubilee. Yes, there has been hurt. Yes, we have made mistakes. But Jesus is Lord and He has made Himself known amongst us.

Jubilee has an incredible mandate from God to work with and bless other churches, to impact the local community, to disciple believers and to see the lost come to know Jesus. I want to encourage you all in this season to find the radical middle. Let Jesus heal and restore the areas He wants to, but believe He still has a plan and purpose for you and for Jubilee as a body.

Dan Maudhub

Jubilee Ladies Breakfast Feedback

Jubilee Ladies Breakfast Feedback

What a morning!! With over 90 ladies in attendance what started as a quiet, chilled breakfast turned into a buzzing morning of friends chatting over a vast banquet of goodies- except no bacon this time 🙂 As a team, we were blown away by the response and the feedback. Looking around on the morning and seeing ladies, many having brought friends, chatting and praying with each other, laughing and nibbling on their pastries, filled my heart with joy and thankfulness. It really is something special when we take the time out to come together, as ladies, to be with each other. We were encouraged, met new people, and were able to catch up with those we already know well. Bek shared about shame and how hiding away can be hurtful to us, to the body, and more importantly, our relationship with God. Bek encouraged ladies to come boldly before His throne because we are his daughters and not to forget we need each other; we are not made to walk alone. We will definitely do it again (maybe even with bacon!). Please feel free to come forward with any ideas that you have for fun things we can do together! Or just invite some ladies along to join your activities. And don’t forget our Jubilee Ladies Trip Advisor, which we will soon feature on the Jubilee Ladies Facebook Group. Take your Jubilee Trip Advisor slip along with you on your outing, rate your excursion, take a photo and share on the Jubilee Ladies page. We look forward to hearing all your ideas.

Jutta Neumann

Feed My Lambs

Feed My Lambs

John 21:15: When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Feed my lambs.”

We know the rest of this passage. Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him another two times, and in response, Jesus instructs tend my sheep and feed my sheep. The Fireside Chat focused on this very thing, the pastoral side of Jubilee life on Thursday night. What else is the Church, if not just people? Those people, His sheep, have been entrusted into the care of under-shepherds, with Jesus, Himself, being the Chief Shepherd. It has been the heart of the eldership to see the pastoral structures change in order to provide better care for the sheep. We believe that the focus of pastoral care is to simply care pastorally for the sheep. This may not be a revelation to you, but for those on the pastoral team it is freedom. Freedom from old expectations, paddocks if you like, and into a new wide open pasture. Over the next few weeks we will be working with the pastoral team, to bring further clarity to the specifics of their role. We ask that Jubilee would continue to pray for the eldership and pastoral team. This is for the future life and health of Jubilee. Pray for grace and wisdom as this is something we cannot rush, but cannot linger on either. In God’s time and by His leading, we trust for a strengthening of Jubilee, that the people, we His sheep, would be cared for through feeding and tending.

Blair Mundell




‘Teach my people how to worship’

‘Teach my people how to worship’

The tendency to view worship simply as singing or playing a song to God on a Sunday morning is prevalent among Christians. It is easy to become more excited about being up on stage playing as part of a band than about being in the presence of the King.  As a worship ministry, we have been reminded that it is not so much about the music, how skilfully we play, or how well we sing, but rather about the posture of our hearts.

Over the past few months we have seen God rebuilding the foundation of our ministry. We believe that He is calling us to rediscover what it means to worship Him. Only out of that place of walking intimately with the Father ourselves, are we able to lead others into His presence.  We spent the latter half of 2016 investing time in building deeper relationships with one another as well as creating space for God to minister to our own souls and take us deeper into His presence so we would know Him more.

We are expectant as we start the New Year, knowing that He is growing the love and passion in us for the One who came to save us.  At the heart of worship is a desire to see Jesus being lifted up in our midst. God is inviting us as a team to help create a space for others to be free to be who God has created them to be.

Steve Lee

The Waypoint Project is Live

The Waypoint Project is Live

It is 2017 and the Waypoint Project has been launched within the Maidstone churches. It is exciting to see the vision, given to Andrew Sewell, Pastor of St Paul’s Maidstone, come to life this year.
The Waypoint Project is an initiative running throughout 2017 bringing together Maidstone churches to share resources and offer the Maidstone community a safe space in which to explore, ask genuine questions and participate in community.
Church leaders from across Maidstone met together on Thursday 12th January to kick off the year, sharing ideas, inspiration and resources for the various events that will be taking place under the umbrella brand. As Daniel Ghinn and Lesley Ludlow, who are leading the prayer strategy, shared the things that God has already been saying, you could sense the anticipation of what God is going to do through the inter church partnership.

Personally I feel privileged to be a member of a Maidstone church at this time in history. Moving around a lot as a child and teen I have a varied experience of Church life but I have never witnessed churches of all denominations coming together to work out God’s commission like this.

My faith grew as I listened to the various church leaders express their excitement at the unity they were experiencing between churches. The passage of scripture that God gave me in relation to this initiative is John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”.
Jonathan Jankowski, lead Pastor of Grace Community Church, said “if we get 10 churches behind this project, seriously working together we could make a significant difference”. There are already over 15 churches who have signed up to take part and Heather May, Project Coordinator, is expecting many more.
But the success of the Waypoint Project is not reliant solely on the Church Leaders. It is an opportunity for the entire church membership of Maidstone to get involved.

As a member of Jubilee Church there are three specific ways you can get involved.

1. Prayer Group. Support Lesley (Holy Cross) and Daniel Ghinn in their prayer for Maidstone and Waypoint.

2. Living History. Neil is organising a town wide talk on the spiritual history of Maidstone, alongside the Maidstone Museum who will be holding classes to run in tandem.

3. Waypoint Events Team: If you have any ideas for events or would like to help in the running of these events then you can join the Jubilee Waypoint Events Team.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above please contact Ian Head who is Jubilee’s Waypoint Co-ordinator at

– Bek Robinson

God of the Extraordinary

God of the Extraordinary

Darren shared a word briefly the other Sunday which spoke to me so much of the Heart of God; of how God takes the ordinary and turns it into the extraordinary.

He spoke of the Wedding at Cana and Jesus turning water into wine. He shared how this incident showed that Jesus is interested in the detail, not because He has to but because He wants to. Rarely do I think of God as someone who wants to but rather, as being much more of a functional God. I’ve learnt to trust in a Father who provides for my basic needs, but what about a Father who goes above and beyond for me, providing extravagantly?

Jesus was there with His family celebrating on that special day and chose to get involved in the people’s lives around Him at the wedding. As Darren pointed out, the wedding would still have gone ahead whether Jesus had turned the water into wine or not, but He chose to provide extravagantly, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I have thought a lot recently about the ordinary becoming extraordinary as we go about our daily routines at home or work, with our family or friends. I have been enjoying reading through the book of Luke, reading about how the people Jesus was closest to were touched. I have read afresh how Jesus did life with His friends or disciples and how He cared for their families; such as Peter’s mother-in-law whom He healed in Luke 4 v 38.

I love the fact that Jesus had seasons in His life. Days and sometimes weeks where He would be out with crowds speaking, preaching and seeing people healed and yet amidst all of this He would often retreat and spend time with the Father. This pattern, back and forth into His presence, to gain strength and power in the Holy Spirit. He went into the wilderness led by the Spirit and came out full of the Spirit as it says in Luke 4 v 14. This pattern is such a key to our lives, if we want to see His power change our ordinary into extraordinary. Time in His presence to bring the much longed for healing in areas I know He wants to work in in my life and others.

We are still dwelling in this season of the Year of Jubilee, a time of being led by the Holy Spirit into a place of spending time with Jesus and being with Father. A time of actively resting and knowing His heart, hearing His voice, finding His vision afresh for our lives, and this town. Then we will be led out, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s a season to enjoy, a time to sit and get to know Him more intimately and to see the ordinary things in and around each of us both individually and corporately become extraordinary for His glory.

Ruth Eagles

Christmas in Maidstone

Christmas in Maidstone

Our last Jubilee Church meeting for 2016 will be our Carols Celebration on 18th December at 10am at the JA.

While as a body we won’t be meeting corporately over Christmas, if you wish to join in the celebrations with our local Maidstone Church families here are the details of a selection of services.

Holy Cross Bearsted

Holy Cross Church, Church Lane, Bearsted. ME14 4EE

24th December

3:00pm Crib Service

4:45pm Crib Service

8:00pm First Eucharist

11:30pm Midnight Eucharist

25th December

9:45am Morning Eucharist


St Lukes Maidstone

St. Luke’s House, 16 St. Luke’s Road, Maidstone. ME14 5AW

24th December

4:00pm Kids Karolz

11:30pm Midnight Communion

25th December 

10:00am Family Celebration


The Vine Loose

The Vine, Boughton Lane, Maidstone. ME15 9QF

18th December

6:30pm Carols by Candlelight

25th December

10:30am Family Celebration

Alpha Course – Falling in Love with Jesus

Sunday nights in Jubilee over the past six weeks have been filled with the buzz of conversation and discussion, over a cup of tea and a hot dog (or two). The subject in hand has been the fundamentals of the Christian faith. alpha-1

As part of our ‘dwelling with God and dwelling with one another’ season, we decided to offer a course traditionally designed for those seeking answers to questions in life. Even though the subjects of Alpha are perfect for those wanting to know more about the basics of Christianity, they are also perfect for mature Christians as a reminder of the solid truths contained within the Bible.


The recent Sunday evenings provided an opportunity for Christians to connect with each other and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. The live speakers have been excellent and the course ably coordinated by our very own Bek Robinson.

Thanks to all who have worked hard to make this Alpha Course a success.

My encouragement for the Jubilee body is to take this, and other opportunities when they arise, to carve out times of fellowship and encouragement with others. ‘Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.’ Hebrews 10:25.

Neil Pattison



Maybe it is because I have tendency to be overly dramatic but I had hoped that God would reveal Himself in a massive way (bells, whistles, the works) through Alpha. He hasn’t… but while His approach has been more subtle, as I have drawn close to Him, He has shown me incredible truths.

Session 2 was entitled ‘Why Did Jesus Die?’ I received a great teaching about the effects of sin and the power of the Cross and you know what? I felt nothing. No emotional response whatsoever. I was worried and asked God why I was so blasé about it. Surely this can’t be right. Have I become a Pharisee – all head knowledge but no heart? 

It took a bit of wrestling but in the end I felt that God was saying that sometimes I chase after the excitement of life rather than the One Who gives life. I long for the warm fuzzy feelings I had when I first came to Jesus but, just like my earthly relationships, I cannot base my relationship with Jesus on my feelings alone. He is showing me that I have to fight for our relationship, work on it and that there are seasons in which I will need to find joy in the ordinary.  

Ching-Hang Cheung


 I am so glad I decided to do the Alpha Course this time around. This is my first ‘Alpha’ and hopefully it won’t be the last. I have found getting back to basics energising and humbling– back to Jesus, it’s been a long time! What I have really enjoyed most about the course though, is the discussion times and being able to verbalise my own thoughts, ideas and conjectures to others and hearing theirs in return. It has taught me to listen more and to really feel the hearts of others. It is truly great, refreshing and
insightful stuff! 

Ray Skilton



Week of Prayer and Fasting

Week of Prayer and Fasting


The week of prayer and fasting was a very special time in the life of Jubilee Church.  Together we set aside time to dwell in His presence and seek His face afresh. There was no agenda other than to spend time with Him and invite Him to speak to us.

Together we meditated on Psalm 24 ‘Who may ascend the hill of the Lord, who may stand on His holy mountain? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god…’

Each night a zone lead us in a time of worship, communion and reflection and then on Saturday morning  we met corporately to draw a ‘line in the sand’, leaving behind anything that may hinder us and symbolically step forward into what He has in store for us in the coming season.

We have responded to Jesus’ call to ‘come and dwell with Me’. It is now up to us to pursue a lifestyle that keeps Him at the centre.

Hazel Pattison



The invitation to “Come and dwell” with God during the week of prayer and fasting found an echo in my heart. I felt a need to refresh and renew my relationship with my Lord. I was especially blessed at the Tuesday night gathering, where we worshipped quietly and then prayed in groups of two to three people, and the quiet time on Thursday evening. It reminded me of an old hymn that has the words “Blessed quietness! Holy quietness!” and that really was the atmosphere there.

One passage of scripture that the Lord brought to my mind was Colossians 3:1-2: “Set your heart on things above….not on earthly things.” For me the time of prayer and fasting helped me to do this, and to experience being in the presence of God.

Barbara Byron


For me, the week of the fast was a special experience of deep intimacy with my Father.  It allowed me to carve out time to pursue God, creating space for Him to speak into my life and to highlight areas where I had veered off track.  I was grateful for the opportunity provided on the Saturday morning to symbolically leave behind the wrong mindsets He had revealed to me, to cross the line, and embrace His truth for me and His church – the bride of Christ

Steve Lee



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