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Leadership Team

Neil and Hazel Pattison are Lead Elders at Jubilee Church. Neil originates from Watford and Hazel is a local Maidstone girl. They have been involved in leadership of UK churches for more than 10 years and have a passion to see them flourish and become a significant voice to the nation. Family is important to this couple and, with four children, they love to live life to the full! Neil and Hazel also have a heart to see mature men and women take up the responsibility of being spiritual parents to others. Jubilee is called to be a resource in Kent and beyond, and they want to be right at the heart of it all.

Blair and Sylvie Mundell are District Pastors at Jubilee. Blair grew up in South Africa, while Sylvie grew up in France, with French West Indian origins. They have three children, two of them being twins. Their passion is for the Kingdom of God, the raising up of sons and daughters and the equipping of leaders. They spent their first five years of marriage leading one of the Jubilee Training Centre schools, Year of Training. Their desire is to see young men and women walk accurately before Jesus, reflecting & representing Him and His Kingdom through their lives, with all of this being done through the church.

Darren and Ruth Eagles are zone pastors at Jubilee Church. Darren is a creative director and Ruth oversees prison education. Both have a passion for graphic and fine arts and a desire to see excellent communication in the church: “We have the ultimate message to proclaim so let’s do it well. Worship will always have a central place in our lives and this will be reflected in whatever we put our hands to. Our desire is to see a strong and healthy cell life in Jubilee, and to raise up cell leaders. God has a calling on our lives to preach, teach, pray for the sick, to see breakthroughs in lives and, like a Father who is overjoyed to see his children go further, to release others in this way.”

marcel and carol jungMarcel and Carol Jung are both originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but are now settled and thriving in England with two UK-born daughters.  Marcel’s heart is to see Kingdom businesses flourish and impact the community, and is personally involved in several of these; including his own, which provides accounting and business services.  He is responsible for overseeing the administration and finances of Jubilee and related ministries. Carol’s passion is worship. She is part of the worship team’s leadership, and helps with the administration of Stainless, Jubilee’s performing arm. Their desire as a couple is to develop sons and daughters and see them reach their full potential and fulfil their destiny in God.

Dan and Claire Maudhub are zone pastors at Jubilee Church. They are both from the south east of England. Dan is the managing director of a wonderful creative agency, called Wonderful Creative Agency. Claire is an art teacher. Together, they have a passion to see the young adults of this generation discover their identity as sons and daughters of God and to walk in the fullness of what God has for them. Their passion extends beyond this and includes seeing the church rise up in power and unity. They live to see the gospel of the kingdom preached throughout the world and to see the restoration of nations.

Chris and Shae Williams are zone pastors in Jubilee and oversee the Jubilee Training Centre. Their desire is threefold: firstly, to see people come to wholeness and maturity, secondly, seeing this and the next generation equipped, raised and released to see His Kingdom established across the globe, and lastly, to see families, communities and nations living and working together in godly order. Chris is from Wales and Shae from South Africa, where they were married in 2002.

Leadership Team June 19, 2013

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